ceo-headshotThe Randolph Family founded Scrumpdiliumptious on September 4, 2009. Baking homemade desserts using my Grandmother Jesse Mae Patterson’s recipes has been a family tradition since 1945. At the age of 5, I developed a hobby for baking. While learning the secret recipes and baking skills working alongside my mother in the kitchen.


What started as a hobby soon became a passion. In 1998 I met my high school sweetheart, now husband Lanel Randolph. Every day in homeroom, JROTC, I brought Lanel, his friends, teachers and even coaches’ slices of homemade cake. It quickly became a hot commodity on campus. The cakes I made were delicious, unlike anything anyone had tasted and as a result on holidays, family functions and special events my friends and family appointed me to bring the desserts. Lanel and I quickly realized that this could be the start of something great. Although high school years came to an end in 2001 my passion continued to grow.

While in college I made the transition from making homemade desserts as a hobby, to developing a small business and brand. Scrumpdiliumptious logo was inspired by grandmother because her traditional homemade desserts provided A Delicious Taste In Every Bite!



To bring old traditional taste to a new generation -using homemade, fresh, natural ingredients and providing food that is a delicious taste in every bite.


To grow a financial successful restaurant in Denton,Texas known for its fun atmosphere for both customers and employees


Randolph Foods will stand out from the competition due to their uniqueness and outstanding quality. Our goal is to create a cake that not only reminds you of home, but also opens you to a new world. All desserts are made from pure ingredients. Our method of dessert baking imparts rich flavor, which can be sweet and savory as well as smooth and moist.

From The CEO

Dear Friends,
Here at Scrumpdiliumptious cooking is our passion. We use only the finest and freshest ingredients to create a taste that will fill your belly and warm your heart. Come and visit – your taste buds will thank you!
– Rose Randolph